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His star sign is Cancer. Dating Luke had definitely been an adventure. In some moments, he would post a sweet photo of them together, sometimes even a collage of their photos with a caption "I LOVE" while other days, it looks like they really are just good friends. They reportedly dated from October to January Also the guitar solo is amazing, and it's my favorite part! Relatable, emotional, and mesmerizingly beautiful. I've also sung a cover of this song

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5SOS Luke goes on a romantic date - CBBC Pop Slam!

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  1. I played it in front of my parents and they did not like it. Jet Black Heart re-introduces mid '00s pop punk sounds into a new generation where it has long disappeared, being replaced by more generic electronic pop music.

  2. Watching your boyfriend clumsily take the ice made your chest tighten up with anxiety. Let's just see what happens," adding, "I mean bloody hell, what am I going to do?

  3. You were his best friend and so was Calum and neither of you said anything to him. Neither you have said anything to him yet. You could hear the gasps of several girls behind you, and turning around, you were stunned to see Calum Hood staring at you.

  4. All the younger kids know to get off the floor and its all the fast skaters while this is on. It was a lucky day, I had just happened to be walking around town when I went into the old record store and saw them there.

  5. She came right up, talking to every single one of us guys, asking interesting questions and capturing our attention.

  6. You decided against telling the boys as well, just so you two could test the waters of this new milestone without any outside pressure. I've started liking this band because of this song The musician and songwriter has always been honest with his fans about his occasional struggles with mental health issues.

  7. Calum freaking Hood gave me his phone number. Ashton was the last member to join 5 Seconds of Summer.

  8. This song is so heartfelt, and I bet we can all agree that Cal-pal has a perfect solo in this song. I've also sung a cover of this song

  9. While you were at your locker grabbing your books to take home for the weekend, you hear a male voice clear his throat behind you.

  10. Soon you notice Luke is nervously leaning toward you. You could see yourself now, jobless, homeless and going absolutely nowhere in life at all.

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