Youth leader dating youth. .

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Once the countdown has started, it cannot be stopped and the players must continue to throw the ball to one another. The two remaining in the circle stand back to back, the person who was in the middle counts from 1 - Write the names of different Bible characters on a Post-it note and stick it on the forehead of each person. Each player is given the name of an object, a name and a place. The youth leader will call out a scripture i. A player will then choose a card and act it out.

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  1. Keep repeating this process until you are left with a winner — the last player standing.

  2. Ultimately I try to pick activities for all the segments that will dovetail well with the teaching or create a good spread of variety over the term.

  3. It can be quite an exhausting task coming up with a new youth group program for each school term of the year. Play until you a have winner.

  4. All the columns across the top represent the segments that make the weekly youth group gathering. A player must talk for 1 minute on a specific topic chosen by the group members. The first person to find the scripture in their Bible AND have their finger on the verse, will stand up and start saying the scripture, if they are right, they get one point.

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