I chose to come to Ohio University because when I first visited I got this feeling of being home. Not to mention, the Journalism program is amazing! Coming to Athens was one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far in my life. My scholarship has helped me reach my professional and educational goals by alleviating unwanted stress about money and how everything was going to be paid for. College is hard and taking away some of the financial burden has helped me immensely. I can focus on my academics more instead of worrying how everything is going to add up. –Tajah Smith, Journalism Major, anticipated graduation 2017



My scholarship gave me the means to explore my interests and find what I really enjoy, which is promotions and social media. So yeah, the Urban Scholarship allowed me the opportunity to learn and grow in a setting that encourages career exploration and aspirations. Every day I find new ways to follow my dreams and build a career out of them. –Nichole Moorman, Journalism Major, anticipated graduation 2017

Kristen B

The support from a donor has allowed me to continue working hard as an Education major in many different aspects. Not only was I able to pay for all of my licensure tests, but it also allowed me to participate in a life-changing program during the summer going into my senior year at OHIO. Before the support, I had no choice but to spend my summers working as a waitress in order to finance the following school year. Continue reading


I initially had trouble transitioning to the college-environment after serving in the U.S. Army and deploying to Iraq. Luckily an initiative had been in the works to form a Veterans Center, thanks to generous donations and a compassionate staff, and I found a place where I fit in.

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